A non-judgmental consensual femdom society for chronic, compulsive masturbators

welCUM to The Hardcock Cafe

Working $$$$ for CockMi$$tre$$


CockMistress Almighty Felice's
TOTAL Cock Sanctuary

CUM to us–bring the cock to be sooooothed and satiated by the Stern, Strict, Aloof, Indifferent Worshipful Cockdoctors.

We are Superior, Assertive, Dominant Mature-aged Femdoms who understand your needs, with non-judgemental, firm and positive attitudes of CUMplete cock CUNTrol over chronically addicted CUMpulsive desperate wanting masturbators.

You WILL WORSHIP us and obey our every whim!

We offer a select, unique Cock Sanctuary providing discreet, confidential, private, cock discipline training: tease and denial, orgasm control and denial, cbt, cock caging, collaring, shackling, and cages. For weak-minded sissys and tvs, we have feminisation, make up and roleplay. Experience total and utter humiliation and degradation while you pay homage to untouchable Dominatrixes.

So, you KNOW who you ARE… bring the cock to the cock doctors to be trained, programmed and soooooooothed!


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